Priorities for next session:

Canceling the next scheduled income tax cut;
Restoring the top income tax rate for very high incomes;
Strengthening broad-based tax credits, such as the Sales Tax Relief Credit and state Earned Income Tax Credit;
Ending unnecessary tax breaks for industries and individuals;
Closing corporate tax shelters;
Repealing the supermajority requirement of State Question 640; and
Bringing greater transparency to the budget process.​ur paragraph here.

Bringing health care to the working poor by accepting federal funds;
Enacting family-friendly worker protections;
Providing reasonable protections against predatory high-interest loans;
Increasing the minimum wage;
Curbing economically ruinous fees and fines and job restrictions that keep Oklahomans trapped in the justice system


Protecting our public schools, the backbone of our state, from losing even more with the private school vouchers that my republican counterparts are attempting to push through by using back doors like the 10 commandments bill, where they are changing the state constitution to allow public funds to be given to Private religious groups like most of our private schools.  

Utilizing decades of business experience in an industry with some of the tightest profit margins with an incredibly diverse clientele and employees, to help the state dig out of its deficit hole.  Making decisions based on everyone and not just a few corporations or influential donors.

Ending the railroading of unconstitutional, pandering, waste of time and money legislation that even if passed open us, the taxpayers, up to huge lawsuits.