Hello, I am Robert Founds.

I am running for State Senate in District 25

 I am different…….not just because I am the only Democrat in the race, but because I have new ideas.  I will not give you the same old tired rhetoric and policy that has gotten us into the situation we are in.  These other candidates can tell you that…… but they will not deliver.  They will fall in line with their party leaders, wealthy donors and the perceived will of the only voters that have been showing up for the last 2 decades, they will continue to give us the same results and its time we put an end to it.  If elected, I will work for all the people, not just these few….

A little about me:

I started in the restaurant business at 15 years old and have never really left it.  I have only adapted and transformed how I make my living at it.  I have run multi unit corporate restaurants, owned my own and even ran a large group of downtown Tulsa restaurants and bars for a friend, I now run the Tulsa District for a broadline foodservice distribution company.  I have been married to my amazing wife Shelley for 21 years and we have 3 wonderful children, all who attend Bixby Public Schools. Which is one reason I will never vote for private school vouchers, Esa’s or any other attempt to defund them.

 I decided to run for State Senate because I grew tired of seeing such blatant disregard of the people’s best interest in the Oklahoma House and Senate, it’s long past time we do something about it.  I ask you to join me in the fight for Our State! Because this is where we the reasonable live as well, we cannot continue to let the un reasonable among us push us out, or worse into apathy.

I ask that you help bring the balance back to our state, the balance that my Republican Grandpa always told me about.  Currently we have a rubber stamp railroading system of ignorant bill after ignorant bill and nothing being done to help fix and real problems in Oklahoma, all of this done by our Republican super majority, what kind of balance is that? It’s the type of balance provided by corporate think tanks like ALEC that keeps top line tax credits and incentives active during a down year in our Oklahoma economy, the type of balance that allows yet another corporate tax cut be implemented on top of all that, causing a state budget catastrophy.  We need new ideas, new leadership, you are not going to get that with more of the same!


I am Robert Founds and I ask for your vote in November!