Robert Founds is a progressive democrat running for State Senate District 25, which encompasses parts of Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks and south Tulsa. 

He’s a lifelong Oklahoman and a graduate of Bixby High School, where he stayed to raise his family and started a successful restaurant business. 

“My grandparents, Marvin and Ruth Williams, were my rock growing up and helped shape me into the person I am,” Grandpa was a retired city worker and volunteer firefighter and Grandma started Ruth’s Café in downtown Bixby. Grandmas involvement in First Baptist Church of Bixby was not limited to Sunday, she was also heavily involved in the missions until her passing. “It was through them I learned about civic responsibility.” 

Robert has been married for 21 years to his beautiful wife Shelley and is the father of three amazing children. His oldest daughter graduated from Bixby Public Schools and the youngest two still attend school there. 

“Bixby has some of the best schools in Oklahoma. Sadly the state government has decimated our education system and despite the hard work and best intentions of our teachers and school officials, they are fighting a losing battle against budget cuts and a lack of resources. “That’s one of reasons I’m running for State Senator, to give others the same chances that I’ve had.” 

Starting out as a dishwasher as a teenager, Robert was the general manager of his first restaurant by age 20. With his brother he started a family diner in Bixby and later he served as director of operations for a group of downtown Tulsa restaurants. Robert currently serves as district manager at
Tankersley Foods, a broadline foodservice distribution company handling the majority of the state of Oklahoma. "My views are mine and not necessarily that of the company I work for." 

“I plan to use my 26 years of business experience from and industry with some of the slimmest profit margins to help bring an end to this budgeting failure we have seen in our state”. 

Robert is running on a platform of changing Oklahoma politics by adding balance back to our state legislature and believes that it’s time to get rid of those legislators whose rigid ideologies have led to failing public schools, a state healthcare crisis, a billion dollar deficit and unconstitutional laws that are a waste of taxpayer money. 

“This election is about reasonable Republicans, Independents and Democrats taking control of the state back from a failed Republican Majority.”